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About Us

eDelivery is a contemporary logistics firm established in 2013. We prioritise prompt deliveries, proactive communication, competitive pricing, and individual attention for various sectors to give excellent logistics services. Our vast and reputable network enables a smooth, comprehensive suite of logistical services worldwide.

One-stop logistics solution at eDelivery Our services at eDelivery span domestic courier and cargo services, logistics, transportation, hyper-local delivery and pickup services, and international courier and cargo services. Whether it's facilitating local deliveries, managing logistics on a global scale, or ensuring swift international courier solutions, we cover diverse needs with efficiency and reliability.

Our Best Services

Domestic courier and cargo services

Our cargo and domestic courier services transcend traditional limits. We guarantee that your shipments arrive at their destination quickly and efficiently using the air, road, and rail networks. Furthermore, we provide services that appeal to business-to-business (B2B) and individual consumer needs (B2C). As part of our dedication to quality, we optimise pickup and drop-off times to provide prompt and effective services.

Logistics and transportation

We excel in logistics and transportation, providing customised solutions for all your shipment needs. Whether Full Truck Load (FTL) or Part Truck Load (PTL), our services ensure seamless door-to-door delivery with utmost efficiency. You can trust us to easily handle your full truck of goods or a partial load and experience a hassle-free transportation journey that meets all your logistics requirements.

Multiple Courier Service provider

At our core, we are committed to ensuring the safe and efficient delivery of your packages through our use of various modes of transportation, including air, road, and rail. Our multimodal approach provides both flexibility and reliability, allowing us to navigate the complexities of the delivery process seamlessly. Our centralised system streamlines logistics operations, allowing you to choose services that best fit your unique needs

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